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Answers to ALL of Your Pressing Moving Questions

At Ocean County Moving Companies, we know how stressful and worrisome moving can be and you need to have all of your questions answered in a timely manner to ensure that you can plan and pack for your move. Below, you will find an array of our most popularly asked questions and answers. If you do not see an answer to your specific question, we ask that you call our Ocean County moving company at 732-795-9074.

Can you provide me with an estimate for my upcoming move?

Yes. Ocean County Moving Companies offers FREE moving quotes and would be happy to provide you with one. Each of our quotes is hassle free and obligation free for your convenience. You will find that we do NOT charge any hidden fees and the amount we quote you is the amount you will pay. We do not nickel and dime you for the small things such as walking up a flight of stairs. If you would like to receive a quote, please call us today at 732-795-9074.

Will you move a fish tank that I have in my home?

Yes. We have been called the best movers in Ocean County for a reason. Our movers have the ability to move any type of fish tanks that are present in your home. We do ask that you please remove the fish from the tank and drain it. We will not move any tanks that are still full of water or accessories.

Do I need to be home when the movers arrive?

Yes. We request that you are home when the movers arrive to your location for a couple of different reasons. First, you will need to go over some paperwork and sign it before the move begins. Secondly, you will need to perform a walkthrough of the home with the movers to ensure the movers know what items need to be moved and which ones are staying behind.

Once the truck is loaded up, the movers will complete a final walkthrough with you to ensure that all items that should be on the truck are there.

Do you have a list of prohibited items that your Ocean County movers will not move?

Yes. For safety reasons, we are unable to move all of the items you may want us to. It is important for you to review our list of prohibited items before you pack up your things. Some of the items that our movers will not be able to take on the truck include cleaning products, flammable items, live pets, and live plants.

Can my animals be in my home for the move?

We do not recommend that your animals are in your home during the move because it can be stressful for you, our movers, and your animals. If your animals must be in the home for the move, we ask that they are placed in their carriers or crates while the movers are moving your furniture and boxes around. We’re the best furniture movers in Ocean County, NJ and we want the space we are working in to be safe for everyone, including pets.